Outreach Ministry

For more information about our exciting Outreach Ministry,
please reach out to
one of our Outreach Committee Members:
Avril Johnson, Marcia McKean, Kate Fuqua, Cathy Gibson,
Deb Pratt, Liz Klein, Kevin Walsh, and Jo Bronson.

Outreach Ministry Meeting – May 18, 2023

Outreach Ministry Meeting – April 20, 2023

Outreach Ministry Meeting – March 2, 2023

Outreach Ministry Meeting – February 5, 2023

Outreach at Grace in 2023

Sack Lunch Ministry – focuses on conversation and communication as well as food

Free Little Pantry – Grace and neighbors fill this often

St. Mary’s Guild – giving their home-made quilts to those in need; women/children

Passport Project – by Grace members, might become an official GMEC project?

Providing Church space – AA, Free Lunch Collective, etc.

Trinity Cathedral Monrovia – Stained Glass Window to new well; needs some personal connection and oversight to make certain the monies get to the project (Yetunde has personal experience as a Nigerian)

Personal Outreach Story Focus:
Volunteering in Palestine – by Jo Bronson

Personal Outreach Story Focus:
Volunteering in Palestine – by Jo Bronson

“I first traveled to the Holy Lands in November of 2010.  As I walked around the Holy sites, I kept asking God, “What is my passion?  I have none”.  Two years later, God guided me to a small vocational school in Ramallah, Palestine.  The Episcopal Technological and Vocational Training Center (ETVTC) became my passion.  There I found potential high school drop-outs finding a career and even finishing their education and going on to university.  It captured my heart.  I have traveled nineteen times, to teach Conversational English to the eleventh graders.  I have been warmly welcomed and at the same time challenged.   Teenagers are the same the world over.  And they all have the same problems.  But, I do not know Arabic and most of the students that I work with — understand English but cannot speak it.  Hence, my job.  I find that a causal conversation asking them about their day, gets them talking.  

ETVTC 11th annual Cooking Competition saw  Khalid and Rakan winning first place.  The boys knew where I lived.  I would get a little tap on my door and breakfast delivered.  They wanted to know if their breakfast was good enough to win.  Believe me, it was amazing.  Khalid could speak English and is from the village of Jifna.  Rakan lives in the city of Ramallah.  Yes, even teacher’s have their favorites.

Left to right:  Naseem, service instructor; Giovanni, headmaster; Khalid, Rakan, and Chef Ibrahim.  Four judges selected the 11th graders as the best in garnishing, taste, presentation and service. 

Goals for Future Outreach at Grace

Restart the “Friday Feast” at Grace:
a. First, Third and Fifth Fridays – Grace Memorial
b. Second and Fourth Fridays – Westminster Presbyterian

Sponsor Refugee families from Ukraine; other countries

Explore ways to work with other non-profit groups to help houseless and those in need

Creation/Climate Action Care – explore ways to participate in these area

7X7 – Art in different Churches – contact Myra Clark for more information

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