Women of Grace

Since 1871, the National Episcopal Church Women, ECW, have championed women’s rights and the Christian foundation of God and family. They are a ministry of the Episcopal Church and celebrate that Episcopalians believe in a loving, liberating, and life-giving God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Their women’s ministry and children’s programs feed, educate, and provide community grants around the world. They are a volunteer organization that creates a legacy for Episcopal Church Women to lead future generations with stewardship in Christ.

Every year, Grace’s Women of Grace sponsor several projects to support many ministries in all areas of Grace Memorial. Through our fund-raising efforts, we support Grace Art Camp scholarships, discretionary funds for clergy, supplies for St. Mary’s Guild, piano tuning, new tilework in the nursery restroom, an abundance of campus improvement projects, and many other myriad requests. For more information about participating, please contact one of the co-leaders of Women of Grace:
Susan Germundson, Sharon Loomis-Malin, and Connie Sullivan.

A few of the artists selling their beautiful art at the Art Faire & Bazaar.

A message from Susan Germundson

December 5, 2022

We would like to thank everyone for helping the Women of Grace complete another successful Holiday Bazaar and Art Faire.  We are very grateful to all of the volunteers who worked Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday. Also, thank you to all of the quilters who made the beautiful quilts.  If you didn’t get your tickets yet they will be available on Sunday, December 11th before we have our final drawing.

The Bazaar made a little over $4500 in profits this year that will help to fund various projects in the church.  For example, last year money from Women of Grace provided Grace Art Camp scholarships, discretionary funds for clergy, supplies for St. Mary’s Guild, piano tuning, new tile in the nursery restroom, paint for the Halsey House, air conditioning for the sanctuary, and various other items. 

As I mentioned, we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you who volunteered.  There are a few specific thank you’s I would like to make.  First, thank you to my co-chairs, Sharon Loomis-Malin, Connie Sullivan, Debbie McDuffee, and Mariann Koop-McMann who did the artwork on our flyer.  Thank you to JoAnn Fricker and Judith Meckling who were there for the setup and stayed for the clean-up.  Thank you to Rick and Curt who helped with many different tasks.  Lastly, thank you very much to all to all of the volunteers and to all of you who supported us by coming to shop.
Sincerely, Susan Germundson

The Bazaar helps fund important projects of Grace Memorial’s Women of Grace (or Episcopal Church Women – ECW), including St. Mary’s Guild quilts for children seeking shelter from domestic violence, Healing Prayer Shawls, and our Emergency Food program as well as funds for physical improvements such as new chairs, air conditioning, and more or silverware. ECW also funds Grace Art Camp scholarships each year.

Thank you to our great local artists – familiar and new – including, Annie Rimmer-Weeks, Becky Slice, Christine Joy Swanson, Debbie McDuffee, Ivy Lumpkin, JoAnn Fricker, Karen VanHoy, Kate Dopheide, Kathleen Elston, Kristin Koop, Larry Snyder, Loey Hargrove, LS Bath Treasures, LuAnn Rukke, Mariann Koop-McMahon, Melissa Darby, Myra Clark, Paula Benjaminson, Robert Randall, Steve Dehlinger, Yetunde Laniran, St. Mary’s Guild and Women of Grace– for selling your traditional Christmas crafts and ornaments, wreaths, glass, ceramics, jewelry, textiles, purses, bags and wallets, cards, candles, soaps and scents, rugs and weaving, hand-crafted wood, icons, stuffies, paintings, prints, gifts for your cat, photography, knitwear, recycled and up-cycled wearables and more, including the wildly popular holiday foods booth.

And thank you to Evelyn Prater and Cathy Gibson who made the amazing wall quilts this year! Do not miss out on a chance for this year’s 2 (TWO!) lovely opportunity quilts – now with more chances to win!  St. Mary’s Guild’s is offering two amazing wall quilts: “A Still Small Voice” completed by Cathy Gibson and “A Joyful Noise” by Evelyn Prater. Tickets will be available at the Art Faire & Bazaar and at Sunday Coffee hours on December 4 and December 11. The drawing will be held Sunday, December 11 at Coffee Hour.

Get to know fellow members of our Grace Parish Family and have fun at this annual event.  Come and volunteer – that’s even more fun.

ornament art by Mariann Koop-McMahon

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