Grace Memorial Vestry

 The Vestry is the Board of Directors for Grace Memorial Episcopal Church. Our community elects each Vestry member for a three-year term. We replace one-third of the 12-person Vestry each year (plus any vacancies from previous years). It is our practice at Grace for the current Vestry to recommend a slate of candidates to the wider Grace membership. We then vote on that slate at the Annual General Meeting. This year’s meeting is on Sunday, January 29th, right after the 10am service. 

A nominee for Vestry will:  

  • Have a strong commitment to Jesus Christ and to carrying out Jesus’ ministry in our community; 
  • Be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit; 
  • Be a communicant in good standing, regular in prayer and worship; 
  • Be active in the life of the parish and willing to assume leadership positions; 
  • Be a pledging member of record who is tithing or whose pledge gives serious indication of working towards a tithe; 
  • Attend Vestry meetings (held on the third Tuesday of the month from 6-7.30pm, currently by Zoom) as well as occasional retreats and other meetings; 
  • Have the ability and willingness to serve Grace Memorial. 

This year at the Annual meeting, we will be electing five Vestry members for three-year terms. 

Vestry is an opportunity to do meaningful work to help this beloved community to thrive. Please contact Charles McGee at or a current Vestry member if you think you may be called to this ministry.

Diocesan Convention 

The criteria for representing Grace at the 2023 Diocesan Convention and the process for electing them are identical, except that the commitment of time is shorter. Convention Representatives attend several preparatory meetings and then convention itself. Representatives typically pay for the cost of their own attendance, although scholarships are available to those for whom this cost would be a burden. We need four representatives to convention. 

Again, please contact Charles McGee at or a current Vestry member if you think you may be called to this ministry. 

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