Welcome & Visiting

Martin 9-18-2018     Welcome to Grace.

Grace Memorial is a lively, diverse, and growing parish located in Portland’s Sullivan Gulch neighborhood. Together, we worship God in song, in word, in symbol, and in service. As inheritors of the living tradition given to us by The Episcopal Church and the wider Anglican Communion, we seek to nurture a “big tent” within which to explore faith: we are convinced that individuals with different philosophies, theologies, or politics can pray and work and follow Christ together. Our experience is that Jesus Christ is often found in unexpected people and unexpected places.

Our community finds joy in the beauty of traditional worship (worship leaders wear vestments, we celebrate the Eucharist every Sunday, many of our hymns are “old favorites,” and we follow the structure of the Book of Common Prayer). But we are also pretty relaxed: you’ll see as many T-Shirts as neckties here, and we rejoice in the holy rambunctiousness of children.

Inspired and energized by worship, Grace seeks to work for peace and justice, to build radical hospitality, to engage in evangelism, and to serve our neighbor. As a consequence, the Grace campus is busy throughout the week. We provide subsidized space for PHAME, multiple 12-Step groups, arts companies, and community organizations; we partner with Westminster Presbyterian Church to host the Friday Feast, a weekly sit-down meal for the hungry; and our sister organization, Grace Institute, creates and operates Portland’s largest summer art camp for children.

Grace takes the Bible seriously but not literally: following a schedule of readings called the lectionary, we read, struggle with, and celebrate most of scripture over a three-year cycle. We affirm our faith via the words of the creeds, the catechism, and the baptismal covenant.

Visitors are welcome and expected. We can’t wait to meet you. Our prayer is that you will find at Grace what we have found here: healing, belonging, and meaning. Together, we will participate in the hard and joyous work of saying “yes” to the Gospel, of building up God’s Kingdom, of following Jesus.

Yours in the Love of Christ,

The Rev. Martin Elfert
Rector, Grace Memorial Episcopal Church

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