Chapel of the Nativity

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The Blessing of
The Chapel of the Nativity
took place on
Saturday, May 13 @ 11:00 am
The Rt. Rev. Diana Akiyama, presiding

The Stained Glass Windows at Grace

About the Povey Brothers & Albert A. Gerlach

The Povey Brothers Studio, also known as Povey Brothers Art Glass Works, Povey Brothers Glass Company and noted as the “Tiffany of the Northwest,” was one of the most famous and largest art glass companies in the Oregon between 1888-1928.

A bustling force in designing stained glass windows for churches, public buildings and residences, the Povey Brothers created many windows of extraordinary quality and beauty, including First Presbyterian Church, The Old Church, Temple Beth Israel, Pittock Mansion, First Christian Church, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Sunnyside United Methodist Church, Huber’s Café, the Pioneer Church in Sellwood, the Grand Elsinore Theatre in Salem, and the Oregon Supreme Court Building in Salem.

The Povey brothers’ father and founder of the company, David Lincoln Povey, immigrated to the United States from England, bringing with him knowledge of the craft and art of stained glass. The brothers developed their trade in New York City and Philadelphia and lived in St. Louis before coming to Portland.  By the early 1900s, the Povey Brothers ran the largest art glass establishment in the United States. 

David Povey formed the company with his brother John, who was the main craftsman while David did the designing. At their height, they had 25 employees. The brothers imported their glass from Europe but designed and constructed their windows in their offices at 408 NW 5th Ave. in downtown Portland, in a building that is today part of the NW Historic District. When David died in 1924, his sons took over. They hired Albert Gerlach, who remained with the company until the Great Depression forced them to go out of business in 1929 and sell it to the W. P. Fuller & Company in 1930.

When Povey shut down, Wm. G. Pearson created his own studio and in the 1930s, he made our stained-glass windows in the sanctuary with the exception of the north transept window. Albert Gerlach continued to work at Fuller until he opened his own studio in 1950, and during that time, made our Chapel windows.

The Three Chapel Windows

As described in our archival material at Grace by
the Rev. Canon (Col) Glenn Eaton, Sr. in the 1970’s

“SHEPHERDS IN THE FIELDS”   In Memory of Margaret E. Resbury – 1904-1951   This beautiful window shows four angels overlooking the scene from overhead. Their heads only are showing.   Two shepherds are holding a lamb. The shepherds carry the traditional crook for herding sheep.   The setting is in a field near a spring or stream as water is at their feet. Hardy vegetation grows around them, showing ample forage for grazing. The two sheep on the ground are obviously part of a flock.   In the distance we see an outline of a city. In all probability it is to suggest the nearness of Bethlehem.   This is part of the heavenly announcement of the birth of the Lord Jesus to the world.   The windows on the south side of the Chapel were executed by Albert Gerlich (Gerlach) of Portland.  

“THE GRACE OF GOD THAT BRINGETH SALVATION HATH APPEARED TO ALL MEN”   In Memoriam for William Willmott Gabriel 1873-1940   The Baby Jesus is held by his Mother, Mary. Both are easily identified by their halo. Notice Jesus has a more elaborated halo than Mary.   The scene is in the stable at Bethlehem. Joseph is kneeling at their feet while the inn keeper and an unidentified person, possibly a shepherd, with a lamb over his shoulder, looks on.   It appears to be night, as the star-in-the-east shines through a window and a lantern is held by the innkeeper and another one is sitting on the floor. The background shows straw and stonework with a wooden ceiling structure overhead, all of which are typical of a manger built under a building at this time and place. Two sheep are included in the scene which would be appropriate for a stable.   This window was given by Sara Katherine Gabriel in loving memory of her husband William. After Sara’s death in 1970 at age 92, her name was place(d) below his, at her prior request by her daughter Muriel Gabriel Heltzel. Note that the Gabriel’s gave a window in the nave of the church, “Jesus in the Garden of Gethesemine (Gethsemane).”  


In Memoriam for John Stevenson Bowen 1891-1957

and Alice Harker Bowen (1895-1994)

The three wise men are presenting their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ Child who is not in the picture. Notice that one of the camels used by the Orient Kings on their journey to Bethlehem is present. Their dress indicates they are obviously people of wealth and from a foreign land. Their turbans suggest Arab, Turkish or India origin. A brazier with a charcoal fire showing wafts of smoke, indicates it is cold in the stable.

The star they are credited with following shines in the background.

The timbers overhead and the wood post indicate the scene is indoors; and possibly could be a stable or a shed. The presence of the camel and the green buses illustrated the openness of the building to the outdoors.

Alice Bowen presented this window in loving memory of her husband John. Her name was added after 1994.

Posted in the Oregon Journal,
Saturday, March 20, 1954, page 4

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Original Memorials in the Chapel of the Nativity

Cross of the Risen Christ In Memoriam
Mattie V. Kelly
1883 – 1957
Bishop’s Chair #1
(with the Bishop’s Miter)
In Memoriam
Franklin H. Osborn
1867 – 1941
Bishop’s Chair #2
In Memoriam
Charles Pearn
1857 – 1944

Elizabeth Jane Pearn
1854 – 1949
Chapel Communion Rail
In Memoriam
Arthur Freeman Weeks
1887 – 1948
Chapel Ambo
In Memoriam
George Alexander Plambeck
1886 – 1935
Nativity Windows
Shepherd Window:
In Memoriam
Margaret E. Resbury
1904 – 1951
Holy Family Window:
In Memoriam
William Willmott Gabriel
1873 – 1940

Sara Katherine Gabriel
1877 – 1970
Three Wise Men Window:
In Memoriam
John Stevenson Bowen
1891 – 1957

Alice Harker Bowen
1895 – 1994
8 Pews
In Memoriam
Harry J Kelly
In Memoriam
Mary Alderson Mitchell
1858 – 1944  
In Memoriam
James Walker White
1880 – 1949  
In Memoriam
R. Sargent Thomas
1913 – 1927
In Memoriam
Oliver Carter Boggs  
In Memoriam
Ida Austin Falk
Eliza Ogden Beeman  
In Memoriam
Henry Venn
1844 – 1927                  

Eileen Venn                  
1851 – 1925  
In Memoriam
John MacKenzie
1868 – 1937  
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