Introducing Charlotte Rosson

Charlotte Rosson

Charlotte spent her childhood roller skating through the streets of San Francisco. She attended the Katherine Delmar Burke School from kindergarten through high school. She loved growing up in San Francisco and had good friends both in the city and at her family’s summer escape at Fallen Leaf Lake. On Sundays after church at St. Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church, she would go sailing on the bay with her father or do archery in Golden Gate Park. Charlotte loved the simplicity of the little wooden church in the heart of a fancy neighborhood in a bustling city. Since her childhood, the church has been a place of comfort, solace and stability.

Charlotte was on the swim team at Stanford. She married immediately after graduation and moved with her new husband to Washington DC where she joined the CIA for a few years. Do not ask her about those years (she might have to kill you!!) After travelling for her husband’s career, including time in Germany and Michigan, they settled in Saratoga where she raised three children. She was active in the Junior League. When she remarried, she moved to Lodi and became the Director of the Santa Clara Community Foundation. She built SCCF to a strong, sustainable organization.

Charlotte recently moved to Holladay Park to be near her middle daughter, Wendy. She is enjoying the weather, the greenery, and the people. She joined Grace because of its convenience to her new home and because Louise Tippens and Peter West, longtime friends of Wendy’s, are parishioners. Charlotte brings her altar flower arranging skills to Grace. Please welcome Charlotte to Grace!

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