Meet Anne Verduin!

Anne Verduin.jpg

Originally from Carbondale, Illinois, Anne attended public school through her sophomore year in high school, and then moved to the Illinois School for the Visually Impaired.  Anne planned to study medical transcription in college, but instead attended the Louisiana Center for the Blind for a year.  She then moved to Portland in August 2004, and began attending Grace Memorial in 2017.

Anne’s grandparents and her mother are Episcopalians, and she lived with her grandparents for a time.  After her grandparents died, she lived with an aunt and uncle who were evangelical fundamentalists, and that was a difficult time.  She has since moved to Portland where two of her aunts live, and they have been helpful supporters for Anne.

Anne now lives in the Lloyd District, and works with the Oregon Commission for the Blind sealing envelopes for mail order veterinary pharmacies.

Anne is an active YouTube enthusiast and has a YouTube channel of her own (Anne V87).  She also readily confesses to the “sin of listening to Top 40.”

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