Please Welcome Evelyn Prater!


Evelyn Prater pic

Evelyn starting attending Grace Memorial after she and her husband moved to NE Portland from Georgia (the state!) about 4 months ago. Evelyn grew up in central Georgia in a small town called Byron. She earned her degree in chemistry and promptly put her degree to good use as she was hired as a lab coordinator at one of the local universities. She worked there for 8 years before moving to Portland this summer to take a job with Portland Community College as an Environmental Health and Safety Specialist.
Evelyn and her husband married in 2009 and have a dog named Julia and a cat named Katy. They are really loving being in Portland and especially enjoyed the long days of this past summer. If you grow up in Georgia, summer evening walks are in the dark! Both Evelyn and her husband are looking forward to this winter and finally being able to do some winter sports (also not available in Georgia!). The mountains and hiking trails around Portland are beckoning them both.
In her free time Evelyn can be found sewing, knitting, or crocheting. Her love for sewing came as she learned the art of quilting from her grandmother and mom when she was very young. She helped them in the creation of many beautiful quilts as she was growing up. Bringing her skills in sewing into her college years, she worked with the costume shop for a community theatre. This experience is when she learned how to make clothing. Because all of that wasn’t enough, Evelyn then taught herself how to knit and crochet!
Welcome to Grace Memorial Evelyn! We’re glad you’re here.

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